A Good Speech

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com CRITERIA FOR A GOOD SPEECH In General Content is tailored to and appropriate for this specific audienceHas a clear thesis (a provable assertion)Includes three (or four) key points that support/prove the thesisKey points are derived from credible, reputable sourcesUses an effective organizational pattern (logical, easy to follow)Employs language appropriately & … Continue reading A Good Speech

Visual Aids

We use visuals to:* Support a thesis Make abstract ideas more realBreak the tediumConvince a skeptical audience Visuals includeCharts, dataCartoons, drawingsPhotos (e.g. pictures, mug shots)VideosText artSpeaker imageFour principles of designContrast (to create interest & organize ideas)Repetition (to reinforce key points, establish interest)Alignment (to unify & organize information on the page)Proximity (to organize ideas)Elements of visual … Continue reading Visual Aids