Using your Voice

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USING YOUR VOICE Register–the range of pitch, rate, volume, pauses, and enunciation

Tone—–highness, lowness
a. adds inflection, changes meaning

Rate—–speed of speech,
a. vary the rate to heighten interest

Volume–loudness, softness

  1. project voice by bringing air thru diaphragm & chest (not throat)
  2. increase volume to stress important point, strong conviction
  3. lower volume to express empathetic emotion, present sub-point

Enunciation—clarity of pronunciation

  1. most problems due to speaking too fast or speech anxiety
  2. includes correct inflection on words, syllables

Pauses—short silence between words or sentences

  1. serve as grammatical markers (I’m roasting Dad vs I’m roasting, Dad)
  2. use to let idea sink in
  3. use to settle restless audience
  4. use to collect speaker thoughts

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