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Kinesics——study of how body movement conveys meaning

  1. Gesture
  2. Posture
  3. Facial expression
  4. Position

Vocalics—–study of how voice and vocal cues create meaning (see above) 1. Pitch

2. Tone
3. Rate
4. Rhythm
5. Volume
6. Accent
7. Regularity

Occulesics—study of how eye contact & pupil dilation convey meaning e.g. interest, arousal, openness, positive feeling, aggression

Proxemics—study of how space and distance convey meaning

  1. Territoriality
  2. Personal space
  3. Encroachment
  4. Fight or flight response

NOTE: Hall’s 4 Personal Space Zones

  1. Intimate—0 to 1.5 feet
  2. Casual Personal—1.5 to 4 feet
  3. Socio-Consultative — 4 to 8 feet
  4. Public–>8 feet

Haptics—-study of how touch conveys meaning (e.g. touch avoiders, touch approachers) Chornemics—study of how time conveys meaning

  1. personality factors (owl or lark)
  2. psychological orientation (present, past, future)

Immediacy-–the use of nonverbal signals and actions to promote physical and psychological closeness

  1. smiling
  2. head nodding
  3. leaning forward
  4. eye contact
  5. touch
  6. open body gestures (vs closed ones)
  7. standing close

Immediacy Principle—people tend to approach things they like and avoid things they don’t like

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